Friday, July 30, 2010

Maps for NCAA Football

We've been busy, but we've been lax in keeping up with the blog. So over the rest of the summer, we'll try to catch you up on what we've been up to!

IMG, the company contracted to market NCAA Football, hired us in 2008 to create a map showing teams in the Football Championship Subdivision (Division IA) and Football Bowl Subdivision (Division IAA), including team information and a complete season schedule and postseason bowl games. We did, and it was successful as part of their work building brand identity, while providing a handy reference for college football professionals across the country.

We created a new version of the printed map for the 2009 season, which was released to selected NCAA football professionals recently just prior to the kick-off of the 2009 season. To get a version of the FBS map with branding elements removed, see our Division I FBS Football Teams 2009 wall map with schedule available for sale in three sizes: 37.875 x 27", 50.5 x 36", and 67.3 x 48". The new maps for 2010 are in preparation now...

We also made an interactive map as a gateway to's stadium guide. We're very pleased with how it turned out: a quick and compact visual way to explore the geography of the game.

We've experimented before with Flash, and worked with an outside developer to create an interactive campus map for Winona State University. We're looking at opportunities to do more. We think that for all the talk about interactive mapping, there are very few really good, fully thought-through interactive maps out there. We're looking for more projects to explore ways of bringing our work with static maps into this brave new world... contact us if you have a project in mind!