Monday, January 12, 2009

New! NCAA Member Schools Map

Announcing the new NCAA Member Schools Map, featuring all member schools from Division I, Division II and Division III, shown with their primary conference and division affiliations.

The map is available in three sizes, laminated:
  • 39.5 x 27.125", priced $75.00
  • 60" x 42", priced $125
  • 84" x 58", priced $295
To see samples of the map or order your copy, visit our web catalog.

For all our maps about college sports, see

Consider a custom-branded print run or single copy! Contact us for more information.


Welcome to Hedberg Maps' new blog! We've promised for years to create a newsletter, or an email newsletter, to let our friends know what we've been up to. We finally realized this was the ideal way to do it. Nat Case, our head of production, has been blogging on things carto-philosophical at at MapHead for almost two years, and he'll be the main manager of the blog, but expect to hear from other members of the team as we progress.