Monday, June 15, 2009

Three New Editions: Twin Cities Metro, Northern Minnesota, Iowa City

They just arrived from the printer! New editions of three of our laminate titles:

Twin Cities Metro Area
has been thoroughly updated and field-checked, including the new alignments of US 12, US 212 and MN 36. We've revised all the point of interest and hotel locations, and noted (with a sigh) the loss of a handful of par-3 golf courses.

Northern Minnesota is the first major overhaul in 3 years, and reflects changes in all of its many maps, both city and regional.

Finally, University of Iowa and Iowa City includes new campus buildings and notes the closures due to the 2008 floods (for up-to-the-minute information, see On the other side, a thorough revision of local streets, including the new Coralville riverfront development, is shown.

1 comment:

Noah said...

I'm turning 30 soon. I've had Professor Pathfinder maps since I was in high school, scoping out colleges. I guess you could say I've been waiting all my twenties to ask this: On the map covers, what is the explanation for the two right hands (left hands? --the maps are in my parents' house) holding the scope? Is there an inside joke there? Is the hand closer to me supposed to be my hand?

I can't believe it's a mistake, because everything else about the Prof's maps is beyond reproach!